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Disposable drainage bag

basic information

Product characteristics

Equipped with needle less sampler to protect medical staff and patients

Import tube guide groove design, the discharge of urine more smoothly.

The 120mm inlet tube is suitable for hardness, It has own sheet clip, no pulling, no oppression, and reducing the pain of lying in bed position

Anti reflux valve prevents urine backflow and prevents bacterial retrograde invasion

Cross valve outlet, extra large caliber

High quality breathable membrane to prevent water and exhaust, urine collection more smoothly, to ensure the efficacy of closed drainage

The hand shaped precision measuring bottle is easy to be grabbed and dumped, so as to prevent contact with urine

Spiral valve single hand operation to discharge urine, free of pollution

With hook system, hang firmly

Non latex rubber band, no longer worry about rubber allergy



Specification model

Disposable drainage bag products according to the structure type is divided into three types: type P (common type), type H (luxury type), type J (precision). The structure and main component is composed of a sampler, import clearance, sheet clamp, suspension eyelet, anti reflux sleeve, the liquid storage bag, discharge switch, flow stopping clamp, suspension, lanyard, liquid column, drip chamber, precision metering bottle, discharging switch protective sleeve etc. The components are increased and reduced according to the different types. Product specifications include: P-1000, P-2000, H-1500, H-2000, H-4000, J-100 1000, J-100 2000, J-150 2000, J-200 2000, J-500 2000. J-400 2600, J-500 2600.

Commonly used models: J-200 2000, J-500 2600

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